Tr 3b Astra

Boeing X-48 Boeing X-48

Role : Experimental unmanned aerial vehicle Manufacturer : Boeing First flight : July 20, 2007 Status : In testing Primary user : Nas...

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The Lockheed X-22A Anti-Gravity Fighter Disc The Lockheed X-22A Anti-Gravity Fighter Disc

Lockheed has been working in the "black" on a discoid-shaped aircraft.  Not only does this aircraft utilise anti-gravitic p...

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Dassault Rafale Dassault Rafale

Role : Multirole fighter aircraft National origin : France Manufacturer : Dassault Aviation First flight : 4 July 1.986 Introduction : 4 De...

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Shenyang J-15  (Chinese: 歼-15) Shenyang J-15 (Chinese: 歼-15)

Role : Carrier-based Multirole fighter National origin : People's Republic of China Manufacturer : Shenyang Aircraft Corporation First f...

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KAI KF-X 201 KAI KF-X 201

Role : Multirole Fighter Manufacturer : Korea Aerospace Industries Indonesian : Aerospace Introduction : Designated to be approximately 2.02...

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GFS Projects GFS Projects

GFS Projects Limited is a British company developing a vertical take-off and landing aircraft shaped like a flying saucer.  The compa...

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5 Most Secret Military Aircraft